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Take It Easy

​The most natural desire for us humans is to see that our spouses, children, parents, siblings, close friends, maybe even neighbors or coworkers, come to Jesus and accept His Salvation. As a matter of fact, we stress about that too much and start messing things up. Instead of helping our loved ones get closer to God, we do things or say stuff that pushes them away from God. We irritate them so much with “church stuff” that we poison our relationship with them, and to some degree, their relationship with God.

The solution for you and me out of this predicament is to take it easy. We need to start treating our loved ones for who they are. If they are your children, treat them like they are your children. If they are your brothers or sisters or parents or cousins, treat them as such. Stop treating them as potential church members. They don’t need you as a church member to them. They need you to be a father or a mother, or a brother or a sister, or a loving relative or a friend or a helpful coworker. In other words, let the Holy Spirit do his work on them. God never called you to save them. He called you to be a witness to them and love them regardless.

I understand that it’s hard what I am proposing, but if you are spiritually renewed in the Lord, and allow yourself to be guided by God and you will take the right steps and find the right approach to your loved ones. And like I haven’t said it already, take it easy when you deal with them. Their salvation doesn’t depend on you. It depends on God.

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