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New Church Fundraiser

Keller Come & See Adventist Church is located in Keller, TX. We are a diverse community of believers who love the Lord and do our best to help others grow a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a growing congregation, and we welcome everyone who is interested in joining us. We are also a young church with lots of kids, and we believe that we are called to serve one another and the community we live in.

We recently moved into our new building.  We are praising God for our new church home.  Currently there is an ongoing renovation project, so the church fundraiser continues.  

We need your help. We are asking families and friends, close by or far away, including businesses, to donate any amount to help as well continue our fundraising efforts.  Thank you for your continued patience, prayers and support.


 (Make donation under "New Church Fundraiser".  See example)



Donations can be mailed to:

Keller Come and See Adventist Church

P.O. Box 2684 

Keller, TX 76244


Pastor Ion Groza                                                                                           


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