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Church is not about serving ourselves, it is about serving others. For this reason our ministries have been designed to better the lives of those we come in contact with on a daily basis in our community. Do you see a ministry that you would like to participate in? Our ministry leaders welcome you to contact them by email so that you can get more information before you come and see or get plugged in right away.


Our musicans and vocalists use their talents and abilities to minister

before God every Sabbath.   





Have you been blessed with the gift of teaching?  Does your heart burn with passion to lead others to Christ through the study of God's Word?  


Are you sometimes so busy that you forget about you? Do you like to relax and unwind with friends, and strengthen your relationship with God? Would you like to step outside your regular routine and recharge your battery?




Our media team works behind the scene ensuring that we can effectively hear and see the special message God has for us every week.  If you like working with sound and lights please feel free to inquire about joining our team.


Our church is growing by leaps and bounds with children of all ages.  We strive to provide age appropriate programs that meet our children where they are.  Do you enjoy working with children?  We always have room in the following areas:

Children Story, Sabbath School Teachers, AY Programs and VBS.




Hospitality is the heart of our church. Our mission is that everyone who enters our doors feels welcomed.  Fellowhip lunch is very important to us.  It helps us to connect with each other and also our guests.  We are always open to anyone who is interested in joining any of our teams to provide a delicious Sabbath lunch.  

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