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Pastor Ion Groza

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Pastor Ion Groza has been our pastor since January 2015. He has a BA in Theology (1995) from Southwestern Adventist University, and an MA in Religion (1997) from Andrews University Seminary. He has been working as a pastor in the Texas Conference since 1997 with a brief interval (2012-2014) when he worked as a chaplain at the Huguley Hospital.

Pastor Ion’s ministry is a ministry of grace and love to those who attend here. Pastor Ion believes that we are called to make disciples by inviting everyone to accept Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to transform them in His time. Worshipping and fellowshipping together, praying with one another, and uplifting each other especially in times of need, are highlights of a healthy congregation.

Pastor Ion came to the United States in 1991 from Moldova (former Soviet Union) and married Tatiana (from Moldova) in 2000 here in Texas. They have two boys: Alex (born 2005), and Andrew (born 2013). They live in Burleson, TX. He can be reached at 817-721-5174 and

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